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Martijn Sandberg, Pas-op! Kunst! 2011

Dropstuff.nl is an innovative project that was born in the Netherlands in 2009, a Network of Urban Screen that hosts interactive digital art, a real "museum without walls", a unique digital cultural infrastructure that allows the interconnection between the media.The network of urban screens is the centerpiece of the DROPSTUFF.nl, a project in continuous expansion which, starting from The Hague, Utrecht and Eindhoven, has traveled and has featured with its mobile pavilion with a display of sixty squared meters the city spaces of Venice for the 54th Biennale, of Paris, of the 'Amsterdam Picnic Festival and the Lowlands Festival in Biddinghuizen.Key feature of the project is the interactivity, in fact the entire network is controlled by a central server that connects the screens with which you can interact with any smartphone. The project aims at a large involvement of public broadcasting simultaneously its artistic interactive programming in urban spaces such as squares and central stations via the network live.dropstuff.nl, and on smaller screens in museums, cultural institutions and schools. The creative processes that drive the project, start with a focus on the places where it will take place. Among the art projects presented within DropStuff remember: "Wallpaper & Prime Time Paradise" by Persijn Broersen / Margit Lukacs, " Facing Democrazy" by Mieke Gerritzen i.s.m. Zesbaans and" Pas op! Kunst" by Martijn Sandberg.

In "Wallpaper & Prime Time Paradise" the DropStuff’ s sixty square meters display turns into sixty square meters digital wallpaper. A module that you can watch for hours remaining hypnotized, the image moviment is determined by the sound that plays audio fragments taken from TV shows and movies. It is as if the viewer is doing zapping within the walls of his/her own home, but we are once again in a public space. 

In "Facing Democrazy" the work is presented as a mosaic of portraits, faces of famous /notorious people put side by side. The interaction of the users who express their positive or negative opinion about the personalities of the mosaic, changes the positioning of the images to create a visual and conceptual content that is always new.

In "Pas op! Kunst ", Martijn Sandberg, as a writer, works with his graffiti on the deformation and evolution in urban spaces and on architectures he uses digital letters to call the attention of the viewer. The letters in black and white on the screen flash as a warning: Caution! Art! Caution! Art! Caution! Art!This warning signals will stimulate the viewer to ask himself questions? 

The LAP invites you to explore the site dedicated: http://dropstuff.nl/

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