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Luci d'Artista | Torino | Salerno


Rebecca Horn  "Piccoli spiriti blu", permanent installation, in S. Maria al Monte dei Cappuccini, Torino

"Luci d'Artista" is a fantastic contemporary night art museum in Turin and Salerno. International artists, inspired by the material non-material - the light - have created works of open space public art, transforming and illuminating the streets, the arcades and the squares of the two cities. The project born in Turin in 1998 was hosted by Salerno in 2006. The project in progress is enriched every year of new interventions, and it has created a real partnership between Turin and Salerno that from year to year exchange works.

In Turin Cosmometrie by Mario Airò in Piazza Carignano, Mosaic by Enrica Borghi in Via Lagrange, Flying Carpet by Daniel Buren in Piazza Palazzo di Città Volo su… by Francesco Casorati in Via Roma, Il Regno dei Fiori: nido cosmico di tutte le anime  by Nicola De Maria in Piazza San Carlo, Small blue spirits by Rebecca Horn at the Monte dei Cappuccini, Double passage by Joseph Kosuth  at Murazzi del Po, Neongraphy by Qingyun MA at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Il volo dei numeri  by Mario Merz on Mole Antonelliana, L'amore non fa rumore by Domenico Luca Pannoli in Corso De Gasperi, Palomar by Giulio Paolini in Via Po, Noi by Luigi Stoisa in via Garibaldi e Luce Fontana Ruota  by Gilberto Zorio at Laghetto di Italia ’61, Amare le differenze  by Michelangelo Pistoletto at Porta Palazzo.

The work Amare le differenze  by Pistoletto, that lights Porta Palazzo in many languages with colorful neon, as stated the same Pistoletto is “an Artistic Movement for an InterMediterranean Policy, to bring love where tragic conflict arises between peoples and cultures. "

Behind the work is a non-profit association founded in June 2002 by Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto together with international institutions, cultural centers, researchers, curators and artists.

The work by Daniel Buren is in Piazza Palazzo di Città. It 's a real flying carpet, suspended in midair. Daniel Buren has designed his work according to a strict geometric modular structure: hundreds of parallel steel cables hold a "checkerboard" of cubic lanterns. Visible at any hour of the day, the installation is based on the primary colors including, in the early editions, white, red and blue, which are also the French flag’s colors. The geometry and abstraction of Buren and all his research show us how they can represent elements of space redevelopment;

The work of Rebecca Horn "Small blue spirits" installed in S. Maria al Monte dei Cappuccini is composed of a multitude of neon circles of different sizes, located all around the church. The intense light suggestion is multiplied thanks to the usual low clouds and fog that hung over the river in Turin, a purple halo surrounding the building, as a transmuting, surreal or futuristic presence.

In Salerno the journey continues around the bright center in Via Diaz, Via Quaranta, Via Manzo where the work Mito by Nello Ferrigno tells about Homeric imagination.

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