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Kunst im Öffentlichen Raum | Vienna

Peter Kogler, Installation permanent, Eröffnung, Uhr Wien, 4. Bezirk, U-Bahn Station Karlsplatz, U1/U2 Zwischengeschoss, 1040 Wien

Born in 1962 with the work by Fritz Wotruba KÖR GmbH took on the job of revitalizing the public space of the city of Vienna with permanent or temporary art projects, with the aim of strengthening the identity of the city and its individual neighborhoods as Agora, that is, as a place of cultural and socio-political debate. Kor means the art in the public space not as a decoration, but as a symbolic indicator in areas previously devoid of artistic interventions. Kor manages art projects, selecting them through competitions for the creation of public art projects, awarding grants to artists and promoters.It also curates conferences, publications and training programs.

Among the most recent projects the installation by Natalie Deewan and Gertrude Moser-Wagner, Peter Kogler, Bele Marx.

In 2013 Natalie Deewan and Gertrude Moser-Wagner realized "Veza fehlt", a week of screening on the firewall of the house 1020 Vienna, Tempelgasse 12, right in front Ferdinandstraße 29, where the poet Veza Canetti had lived for two decades, until 1934. The sign "Veza fehlt" (Veza missing) is based on the sign of correction, and refers to the famous novel in 5 scenes "Die Gelbe Straße" (Yellow Street), which portrays the life in Ferdinandstraße, among traders of leather, in 1930.

In 2012 Peter Kogler makes "U-BAHN-STATION KARLSPLATZ", permanent installation in the subway station Karlsplatz, in the 4th district of Vienna. Peter Kogler aims to virtually extend the spatial structure of reality. A network of pipes generated by the computer seems to dissolve the boundaries of architecture and remind us of the media hype that pervades everything and technologization of today's world, which, with its computer networks and data streams inform and change our daily experience of space and of time.

In 2011 Bele Marx with the temporary installation "Aufhänger", in the 8th district of Vienna, represents  the many possibilities of perception of space, a crucial factor for the emergence of an idea. A big glass box contains fragmented lines that the light projects on the surrounding walls creating a network of lines and shadows, among which the gaze of the viewer must disentangle itself. In this way the space is enjoyed more than its value in daily use.


The LAP invites you to explore the site dedicated to KÖR at http://www.koer.or.at/de/

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