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Basilicata Stories  is the traveling show which tells the story of Basilicata. A tale created by the knowledge of the citizens. Basilicata stories is an exciting moment to live in an immersive theater that involves the architecture of the area and it wants to tell stories and lead outside the borders of the Basilicata region narrating the story of characters and events. Basilicata stories is the way to know the history of Basilicata through public art listening to the voices of the contemporary.  

Basilicata stories comes from the experience of public involvement carried out with the LAP Laboratorio permanente di Arte Pubblica  through workshops and urban screen on the historical buildings in the towns of Basilicata, and following the show The Battle of Lauria ofn1806 made in co-production with Arci. Basilicata Stories wants to bring our territory, the Basilicata region, in its 131 municipalities and over  with a focus on contemporary themes as the Immigration,  the violence against women and the history starting from prominent figures such as Gesualdo da Venosa, Isabella Morra, Horace, and events such as the 1799, starting from a shared production with local theatrical associations, for the dissemination of the history through the Basilicata's talents. The project includes, in the summer of 2016, the production and realization of thematical shows  as required by the territories, and the realization of the historical spectacle "1799 story". The realization of each shows will be preceded by a focus on the traditions and history with the citizens of the countries involved, in order to give feedback to the inhabitants' need to tell their communities, found in previous urban laboratories of the LAP, to capture memories and create a storytelling of the history of Basilicata in an anthropological view, from the past to the contemporary. The collection of testimonies will aim to create videos, to be projected in the urban screens, as an introduction to the show, while the squares become large immersive multisensory rooms outdoor, whose walls will be those of the wonderful historic buildings of the towns involved, illuminated by the thematic urban screen, as exposure places of Lucan knowledge . To the people who leave their testimony, and than will be the protagonists of the video, you will be given the opportunity of a conscious involvement in the live show, enriching it with their emotions.



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