LAP Press release




On July 9, 2013, h.12:00 

meeting room :Verrastro, Seat of Basilicata Region Authority
It will be held the press conference to present the project 
LAP  Laboratorio permanente di Arte Pubblica | Public Art Award
Elisa Laraia 
LAP | Public Art Award Artistic Director 
President of Art Factory Basilicata  Association 
Spencer Tunick 
President of the Jury of Public Art Award Competition [video contribution] 
Vito De Filippo 
President of the Regional Council of Basilicata 
Vito Santarsiero 
Mayor of Potenza
President of ANCI Basilicata 
Alberto Giordano 
Councillor for Culture of the City of Matera 
Matera 2019 Organizing Committee 
Rosaria Vicino 
Mayor of Corleto Perticara 
Massimo Dapoto 
Communication Manager Total E & P Italy Spa 
Marianna Nicoletti 
CRESCO Foundation Organizing Committee in Basilicata 
The LAP Laboratorio permanente di Arte Pubblica, a project by Art Factory Basilicata has the objective of creating the first project of Public Art at regional scale in Italy, throughout the territory of the Basilicata Region, involving national and international artists in the design of ad hoc works in video and photography, that should be inspired by the history, by the people, by the urban landscape, by the entire territory of Basilicata
The LAP Permanent Laboratory of Public Art is supported by the Ministerial Funds for Youth in the Basilicata region, is sponsored by the Municipalities of Potenza,  Corleto Perticara, Calvello, Forenza, by ANCI, by Università degli Studi della Basilicata, Comitato Matera 2019, Lucana Film Commission, Comitato Promotore Fondazione CRESCO in Basilicata, in partnership with Total E & P Italy Spa. 
The LAP, born in 2009, has transformed the city of Potenza in an unusual exhibition space, with its 7 permanent stations in the city (large panels measuring 5m x 2,5 m) distributed in the city according to a process of urban use, designed on the pattern of the most busy roads From 
The year 2013 is characterized by two important developments of the project LAP. The first step is the decision to involve not only the urban space of the city of Potenza, but to extend to the whole landscape of Basilicata, using urban screens, video projections on buildings of the region with 4 events from August to October in Potenza, Matera, Corleto Perticara and Calvello, Forenza  and the gradual opening of the new permanent exhibition centers starting from the municipalities of Corleto Perticara and Calvello.
The second piece is the launch of the Public Art Award, the first international competition and social network dedicated to public art, aims to explore the Basilicata region. The highly qualified jury, composed by the President Spencer Tunick, internationally renowned artist, by Bruno Di Marino, a media critic, and Basak Malone, New York gallerist, will reward 2 artists, one in the video section and one in the photography section, with a money prize and the exhibition within the spaces of the LAP in Potenza and on historical monuments in the Municipalities of the Basilicata Region with the technique of urban screen.
The Public Art Award, also give the opportunity to 20 young people under 35 to participate in the Advanced Course in Visual Arts, (Sept. 16 to 22) with the professors Bruno Di Marino, Bianco and Valente, Emilio Fantin, Anna Detheridge and  Mariadelaide Cuozzo. The Advanced Course in Visual Arts relies on the partnership of DiCEM Department of European Cultures and the Mediterranean: Architecture, Environment, Cultural Heritage,  which guarantees certificates of participation to all the participants  and credits to all the enrolled at the University of Basilicata. 

The partnership with Total E & P Italy S.p.a. in 2013 allows the opening of the second exhibition space of the LAP, with permanent installations in Corleto Perticara,and the objective achievment of expanding the project on the territory of Basilicata. 

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