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LAP | Public Art Award | Urban Screen | Private Conversation 
Forenza, August 18, 2013 
The Basilicata region is a candidate to become the Italian laboratory of public art par excellence, from an international perspective, with the participation of artists from around the world, thanks to Public Art Award, the first contest of public art dedicated to the ehancement of Basilicata' s territory and history. Important stage of this process, achieved thanks to the  Basilicata Region investment in the cultural sector, with funding from the Ministry of Youth, is the summer program of the LAP Laboratorio permanente di Arte Pubblica 2013, with the Urban screen of the work Private Conversation in Acerenza, Forenza, Calvello, Corleto Perticara, Potenza. The programming, thanks to the support of the Lucanian Municipalities and the partnership with Total E&P Italy Spa, opens concretely the prospect of the creation in the Basilicata region of the first workshop for public art at regional level in Italy. 
After the first leg on August 13 in Acerenza, the second stage of the summer program of the LAP Laboratorio permanente di Arte Pubblica 2013 is on August 18 in Forenza. Patroness is the poet Anna Santoliquido, originally from Forenza,  attended by the mayor of Forenza, Francesco Mastrandrea, and the artist Elisa Laraia, Art Director of Lap | Public Art Award, with the staff of LAP, Monica  Nicastro and Mio D'Andrea Santoro. Some of the poems of Anna Santoliquido sound form the basis of the ad hoc work  Private Conversation, together with evidence of the citizens of Forenza, from the very young to the elderly who have given their contribution telling their deep relationship with the land. The work Private Conversation, contemporary anthropological portrait of Basilicata, will be video-projected on the facade of the Convent of SS. Crucifix, at 9.00 pm. Particularly impressive, from the point of view of the landscape and heritage, the church of the Crucifix, built in 1680, part of the Capuchin convent. Its interior contains wooden altars, paintings of 1500, a painting of Santa Maria della Stella dating back to XIV sec., a choir of the sixteenth century, and a precious wooden crucifix of the seventeenth century. The choice of this place, in particular, translates the meaning of the project LAPLaboratorio permanente di Arte Pubblica to compare ancient heritage and contemporary art, in view of the enhancement of Basilicata. 
The LAP Laboratorio permanente di Arte Pubblica  was born in Potenza with 7 permanent exhibition spaces in 2009 and designed by Elisa Laraia, thanks to the support of the Mayor of Potenza, Vito Santarsiero. The  summer program concludes on September 16 with the Urban Screen on Teatro Stabile in Potenza. 
The citizens of Basilicata, early protagonists of the LAP, come to life on the facades of the historic buildings of the region, while their voices are propagated in the urban space, squares, alleys, each telling their own experience, places of affection, poems, the dreams and aspirations of a region that chooses contemporary art to illuminate its history, between recollection of the past and anticipation of the future.


Acerenza 13 August 

h.21:00 Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta e San Canio Vescovo

Forenza 18 August 

h. 21:00 Convento del SS. Crocifisso

Calvello 5 September 

h. 21:00 Chiesa e Convento di S.Maria de Plano

Corleto Perticara 14 September

h.21:00 Piazza degli Uffici

Potenza 16 September

h.21:00 Teatro Francesco Stabile



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