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Sublime Bother - Monticchio


Without any antithesis, bother and sublime melt together in a portrait of dynamic beauty.

Beyond the organized disorder and in perfect dissonant armony, blurred bothers play between casualness and the desire to be in the limelight as seductive veils on the Basilicata charming body. In a few moments, the shot will is replaced by the observer with a deep analysis on the minute and careful choice of the perfect moment, turning photography in an allegoric mirror reflecting the observer curiosity on the image. The project involves the realization of postcards that will be auctioned later in the newsagents and tobacconist in Basilicata.

The sublime bother of the images presented, summed up in the title the concept of an intensive detailed work and a thorough research on the perception of the image that the observer will be to develop. Thus, the noise, the alleged nuisance of a subject usually undesirable, it becomes the undisputed protagonist of the work itself; adding a sublime interest in discovering the intention of a voluntary shooting, the hidden place and wonder that every observer will attribute the entire work or the doubt to one of the two parties in conflict assumed .

At this work , intended more as an introduction, will follow a similar series of reproductions in postcard size , to be sold on newsstands and in the major tourist attractions of the city, involving both an artistic and popular interest; well as respecting the objective of creating public art through the custom. Part of the proceeds of the cards will be donated to associations of artistic impulse identified in the area.

In each visited and photographed city , i’ll try to identify associations that can facilitate the design in the choice of the points of greatest distribution of the postcards then taking advantage of the proceeds for the creation of artistic and cultural events . The choice of card materialized from the work , it is proposed , at the same time , both as a piece of public art that intimate ; erasing the line between those who give and those who receive it.

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